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Why Love Period?

For one to choose love, be love, receive love, express love, extend love, one must yield to their true essence.

When language is attempted to describe this experience, it always falls short because the dualistic nature of language which would have you describe something that is higher, or something that is deeper, something that feels a particular way, or looks a particular way. In truth, it is all of the above.

Watch Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now

It is higher, deeper, and inclusive of all things. Any time one chooses love and is willing to yield to love’s call, it can look like many different things, including speaking or not speaking, smiling or not smiling, touching or not touching, being close or far. It may be considered an attitude, or a commitment, or just a willingness to be in alignment with your highest expression of good that one can express in that moment.

There are some who can maintain this willing choice of love for many moments on end, and others who just visit it from time to time when they feel impelled.  Often special relationships, intimates, relatives, friends, co-workers, can act as trigger points for making the choice to be love.

Let us become aware of the challenge to extend love as a result of what appears to be negative situations, which is the idea behind “love period” despite seemingly negative circumstances. Let us recognize that negative situations are simply calls for love which can inspire each of us to awaken to our true essence - love.  Blessed are those who recognize the opportunities to extend love in painful circumstances. They are true wayshowers who show the way for those who might remain reactive for a longer period of time but who would eventually find their way home to the state of unconditional love that calls to all.

With a grateful heart, I thank you for embracing the new love paradigm which is emerging now.  You are a beacon of light & love in this world for you have chosen to be a symbol of joy, peace, wisdom, and self-responsibility.  As many are lifted by your willingness to be the presence of love in this world, more and more will follow your way and bring an even greater willingness to bring love forth into each and every moment.  Be of good cheer, knowing that your inner calling shines the light on the road to the remembrance of the love that you, I, we have always been.

Much love, Rev. Charles

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When Something Bad Happens You Have Three Choices…

You Can:
Let It Define You,
Let It Destroy You, or
You Can Let It Strengthen You.

Choose Love and Be Filled With Joy & Peace.

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